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Soothe - Anti-Inflammatory Gel - 2.5 oz

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Product Description

M'lis Soothe was developed to treat swelling, inflammation, aches, pains and soreness of muscles and joints by reducing the inflammatory responce of the tissue directly. Soothe warms the area by increasing circulation, and then cools using a natural antiseptic effect.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide long-lasting natural pain relief by reactivating itself throughout the day
  • Treat swelling, inflammation, aches, and soreness of muscles and joints caused by injury, sprains, stiffness, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Suggested Use: Apply to affected areas no more than three to four times daily. Rub in thoroughly until gel is absorbed. Avoid eyes, nose, and genitals.

Active Ingredients: Menthol 3%, Camphor 3%, Capsaicin .03%.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extract, Carbomer, Natural Decylpolyglucose, Deionized Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Queen of the Prairie Extract, Rose Water, Silica, Food Grade Perservatives, Vegetable Base Glycerin, Which Hazel, Yucca Extract.

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Soothe - Anti-Inflammatory Gel - 2.5 oz