Karen Shealy, Founder and Expert Esthetician

Karen Shealy is a trusted and sought-after skin care expert, master in the esthetic field and licensed educator.  She passionately leads a team of talented estheticians with her pulse constantly connected to the latest in skin care science from around the world.    Karen believes in empowering others thru active listening and proven, customized non-invasive skincare solutions to lift up clients with confident beauty! When away from the spa, Karen loves spending quality time with her husband Dave, 16-year old son Brady, grown children Goldie, Cody and his wife Abby, and grandbabies Emma and CJ. She enjoys researching, hiking, cooking and playing with her German Shepard, Bristol.

Megan Olivas, ARNP Medical Director

Megan is a licensed nurse practitioner with diverse experience over many years including her most recent work helping med spa clients seek the best direction for customized solutions. She has trained with some of the best educators around the country and is thrilled to offer safe, compassionate in-depth esthetic treatments to meet client goals non-invasively. Megan offers compassionate care and loves to help others look and feel their personal best! When away from the spa, Megan cherishes her time with her husband and two small children.

Goldie Shealy, Licensed Esthetician

Goldie has a large following of clients who adore her sweet-nature and artful approach to amazing brow and lash design.  Suffering with acne and sensitive skin for many years herself, Goldie loves the opportunity to provide clients quality skin care services and products that truly make a difference and elevate confidence!    Goldie grew up in the spa world and is excited to share her innate passion toward helping others look and feel their personal best.  

Mila Martushev, Licensed Esthetician

Mila has had a long, fulfilled history of serving others as a personal care provider, and during the last seven years at Sea Glo Spa as a Certified Wellness Coach under the direction of Dr. Wallace of M'lis Company.  Mila loves to enhance client's skin with a non-invasive, natural approach that seeks to improve health at the cellular level thru wellness and client education.  She brings an amazing calm and ultra-detailed approach to the treatment room and is very valued member of the esthetics team. When away from the spa, Mila loves quality time with her family and friends and pursuing her degree in nursing.

Eva Karayel, Licensed Esthetician

Eva has extensive experience serving others as a personal care attendant and esthetician. She is passionate toward elevating confidence in others thru natural, results-driven skincare treatments, lash extensions and cosmetics. When away from the spa, you will find her enjoying time with her son outdoors, or spending time with her friends and family.

Mala Martushev, Spa Coordinator

Mala is our Spa Coordinator who greets you and assures your experience at Sea Glo is a lovely one. When she is away from the spa, Mala loves family time with her two small children.