Wellness Body Wrap

We believe true beauty comes from within and is attained through balancing the body with a holistic approach to wellness. Many years ago we partnered with the M'lis company, who specializes in chinese herbal medicine and wellness programs for detoxification under the direction of Dr. Wallace Nelson.  M'lis is a US based company that sources its formulas from fresh, organic, local ingredients including salmon oil derived from our prestine Alaskan Bristol Bay salmon!

Detoxification – Lifestyle Programs – Body Contour – Holistic Skin Care

The M’lis Contour Wrap is a body treatment designed to cleanse the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It rids the body of waste material stored in the connective tissue, resulting in:

  • A reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  • Cumulative Inch loss of 4 – 14 inches per wrap
  • Reduced water retention
  • A reduction in toxins in the body
  • Detoxification
  • Increased circulation to aid in healing
  • Toning, tightening and moisturizing of the skin                



The M'lis Body Contour Wrap feels like a luxurious nap in a warm cocoon!  Most peopel can safely receive a wrap every 4 – 7 days and should be done with every 5 – 10 pounds of weight loss. The best inch-loss and body detox results occur with a series of 3 – 6 wraps in conjunction with the M'lis Cellulite Kit and Detox Kit. Ask for details regarding these products, or schedule a consultation with our certified M'lis Wellness Consultant.   $225 each